chapter  2
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Regional standards on action against transnational organised crime

This chapter analyses the development of regional standards concerning organised crime with a particular focus on EU law. It begins with an analysis of the core principles of approximation of national criminal laws and procedures and mutual recognition of judicial decisions. It will be shown that the EU and its Member States have been instrumental in promoting these principles. The chapter continues with an analysis of core obligations established by the relevant legal instruments which mirrors the discussions on international standards in the previous chapter. Various international obligations and standards are implemented through EU law, thereby demonstrating a degree of synergy between the different levels of governance, although it is also evident that the measures adopted under EU law are more advanced and progressive than those under the UNTOC. Finally, the protection and promotion of human rights will be explored. Whilst the EU and its Member States have made some progress in this area, the ECHR continues to play a significant role in this regard.