chapter  5
Adaptive Learning
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Adaptive learning systems attempt to provide personalised learning content and activities to meet the individual needs of learners as they progress through their studies. Adaptive learning, intelligent tutoring and personalised learning all refer to educational software that is customised in some way for the individual learner. In 2011 Arizona State University began to deploy the Knewton adaptive learning system for its online and blended courses at a cost of $100 per student, which the institution charges the students instead of them having to buy a textbook. CogBooks is being used as an alternative adaptive learning platform at Arizona State. CogBooks personalises the learning journey for the students based on their behaviour. Some products contain continuous assessment activities that lead to frequent changes in the content provided to students. Adaptive learning packages to date have tended to be self-contained systems, teaching a subject to students without knowledge of their educational background, their engagement with other systems or their attendance on campus.