chapter  14
“Slut” in Translation
The SlutWalk Movement from Canada to Morocco
WithRebecca S. Robinson
Pages 14

This chapter elucidates how movements, such as SlutWalk, translate into different cultural contexts by focusing on the Moroccan case. Clearly, SlutWalk has travelled to various cities highly distinct from Toronto: from Jakarta to Cape Town to Bangalore to Budapest to Turku to Rio de Janeiro to Kolkata to San Jose. To understand the question as to why Moroccan organisers changed the title of the movement, one should take inventory of why the name might be considered offensive, in which case, another important question remains as to why the organisers decided to remain connected to the global SlutWalk movement at its onset. This chapter answers these questions by examining which parts of SlutWalk were de/emphasised by Moroccan organisers who brought the movement to their country. The chapter describes how the term 'slut' does not easily accommodate social standards in conservative communities, whether western or non-western, lending to the controversy associated with the movement.