chapter  3
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The Grammar of Experience and the Logic of Freedom

The logic of freedom is, in part, that its opposite is not constraint. Instead, the logic of freedom is that the one who is free is countering something. Freedom involves a struggle, a certain intelligent activity involving aspirations working against a backdrop of a field of power. This is genuinely a logic. Naturally the elements that enter into it enjoy a more elemental metaphysic; there is (and independently) a metaphysics to realizing anything that fits the pattern of freedom-just as there is a metaphysics to realizing anything that fits, say, the logical rule of modus ponens. Like any pattern, there is a metaphysics to the elements that make it up, but the pattern can be quite independent of the elements’ metaphysics. The pattern of freedom is a form of struggle by a Self against a certain sort of power that is seeking to exert itself over the Self, performed against a background of power differentials.