chapter  9
The future of cyber frauds and scams
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Cyber fraud and scams have the ability to devastate their victims, as well as their friends, family, colleagues and society as a whole. The extent of this problem requires a coordinated, partnership approach amongst a large number of organisations. Fraud is far too simplistic to argue that improvements in technology are directly responsible for the current trends in cyber fraud and scams. Despite the low reporting rates of cyber frauds and scams, victims are still more visible and identifiable than those who offend against them. The cultural change needed in understanding the reality of cyber fraud and scams is a challenge by itself that will require significant resources and buy-in from many sectors across society. While not undervaluing the role of police action in seeking to identify, arrest and prosecute offenders who perpetrate these crimes, a focus on reducing harm and victimisation in the first place is a more optimal solution and one that avoids the trauma associated with victimisation.