chapter  16
26 Pages

Beyond HD

UHD, 2K and 4K Projects
BySam Kauffmann

This chapter talks about the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI), noting that the native aspect ration is 1.9:1. Instead of 16x9, it's 17x9. Instead the cinema aspect ratios for 2K and 4K projects are derived from motion picture film projection. The two most common aspect ratios, which have been used in movie theaters since the 1950s, are called Flat and CinemaScope. In general most dramatic films and comedies are projected in Flat—it's only slightly wider than UHD. Most science fiction films, war films, and superhero movies are projected in Scope, which is much wider than UHD. The color space, also know as the color gamut, is used to describe the range of colors a camera or recording device can capture. UHD cameras start at 100Mb/s and go up to 240Mb/s and higher. The chapter explains how to relink to original, 4K clips.