chapter  17
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Advanced Effects and FrameFlex

BySam Kauffmann

There are so many great effects inside the Effect Palette. Clone is also one of the options within the Mode menu inside Paint. It gives the ability to clone (or copy) any part of frame and place it somewhere else in the frame. Many effects involve movement or combine two elements that would work better if their movements were linked together. The Picture-in-Picture effect (or PIP) lets editors manipulate some basic characteristics about an image. The advantage of Advanced Keyframes is that it enables editors to fine-tune one parameter at a time without affecting the other parameters. In the past, many Avid editors would mark an IN at the beginning of the section that stuttered and mark an OUT at the end of the section, enable all tracks, select Render In to Out, and then go off to get coffee, leaving the sequence to render for the next 5 or so minutes.