chapter  18
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Working with LUTs (Look Up Tables)

BySam Kauffmann

Today's digital cameras are capable of emulating film's dynamic range. But in order to get that range, the camera manufacturers manipulate the way images are captured by using LOG or RAW. Let's examine LOG since it's more likely a beginner or intermediate editor will work with it. The best analogy the author uses to describe how LOG works is to describe the process of fitting a down sleeping bag into a tiny stuff sack. Look Up Tables (LUTs) are often used during production as well as in post-production. On set, during production, a LUT is often applied to the images going from the camera to the video monitor in order to transform the dull, dark, and flat looking LOG footage into good-looking images. When the project reaches the stage called Picture Lock, it means that all the editing decisions have been made, the shots in the Timeline are at the right length, and it's time to color correct.