chapter  19
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Color Correction

BySam Kauffmann

Color Correction is a crucial phase of the post-production process—a phase that people should begin after they have achieved picture lock. Color correction allows people to not only correct problematic footage, but also to add things that were not present during the time of shooting. This chapter explores the tools before correcting the shots in the Timeline. There are two primary modes of correction: the HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminance) mode and the Curves mode. This group of tools contains some very basic controls for adjusting luma and chroma, although not as precise as those in the Hue Offsets group. However, it contains two very important controls that the Hue Offsets group does not have: Saturation and Luma Clip—represented by the Clip Low/Clip High controls. The Split Screen button is great because it shows people the way their image was before corrected it, and after.