chapter  20
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Media Management

BySam Kauffmann

This chapter lacks sex appeal and examines the ins and outs of media management is a bit like discussing one's dental work or attending a two-hour lecture on library cataloguing systems. Computers crash, external drives stop working, and things get lost or mistakenly deleted. So when those bad things happen, it's good to be ready for them. If there is a bad crash or external drive is stolen, it's not hard to bring the project back to life. Simply get a new external drive and drag the most recent Project Folder onto it. Renaming folders, camera cards, and media drives is also a bad idea. Avid cannot link or relink if it does not have the right name or address because it's been renamed. Also, when people first name a folder that contains original media, limit the name to 14 characters, and only use letters, numbers, and underscores.