chapter  3
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BySam Kauffmann

The key to being a good editor—and in turn, to master the art of timing—is to learn to really watch. Avid boasts a powerful feature called Trim Mode, and when editors are in Trim Mode they can quickly and easily lengthen or shorten the shots in their sequence. This is the tool that helped make Avid the television and film industry standard, and it's the main reason it will make them a better editor. Good editors has the ability to really watch. In Trim Mode, they can cut and watch at the same time. The important thing to realize is that edithors chose the part of the clip they wanted—using IN and OUT points—when they cut it into the Timeline. Duplicate the sequence by selecting it and pressing Command–D or Alt–D and then load the duplicated sequence into the Timeline by double-clicking the sequence icon. There are actually several additional ways to enter Trim Mode.