chapter  4
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Advanced Trimming

BySam Kauffmann

Trimming enables editors to make every edit just the way they want. This chapter talks about the important role that watching plays in every phase of editing. J–K–L Trimming is one of the greatest editing innovations of all time. Some people call this trimming on the fly, or dynamic trimming. This chapter looks at a specific edit point in their "Fix These Problems" sequence in the Trim Practice bin. To get out of Trim Mode, one of the following should be done: clicking the mouse in the timecode track (TC1) at the bottom of the Timeline, pressing the Trim Mode button again and pressing either of the step-one-frame buttons. Dual-Roller Trimming with J–K–L behaves just like Single-Roller Trimming with J–K–L, with one addition. Editors should be careful not to use Single-Roller Trim on only one track, since it causes their sequence to go out of sync.