chapter  6
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BySam Kauffmann

Many people do not realize just how important sound is to the success of a project. "It is a visual medium" is the common wisdom handed down as gospel. When one captures his/her audio, the sound levels are not always perfect, and often they are quite uneven—like the ones in the practice sequence. The Audio Tool is there to help set the appropriate audio levels. The Audio Mixer looks like a standard mixing board, with level sliders for adjusting the level of each track of audio. Music is always stereo. And when one brings music into his/her Avid project he/she has a choice of bringing it in as two mono tracks or as a single stereo track. When cutting clips together in the Timeline, one wants to bring in music so he/she can cut the sequence of images to the music. But often one cannot concentrate on the music because the sync audio is too loud, or uneven.