chapter  7
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Using the Smart Tool

BySam Kauffmann

The Smart Tool houses four main editing tools that allows to manipulate material in the Timeline in various ways: Lift/Overwrite Segment Mode, Extract/Slice Segment Mode, Overwrite Trim, and Ripple Trim. Segment Mode editing lets one to move segments, or clips, in the Timeline, so he/she change their order. Lift/Overwrite Segment Mode behaves somewhat like Extract/Splice Segment Mode, but instead of repositioning and shuffling around shots, its job is to pick up a shot and overwrite it wherever one lets it go. Segment Mode buttons can only be turned off by re-clicking on them within the Smart Tool, but that can get a bit tedious. When creating the Smart Tool, Avid added two buttons to the arsenal of trimming: Overwrite Trim and Ripple Trim. The functionality of each can also be joined or un-joined with one another, just as with the Segment Mode buttons.