chapter  8
28 Pages

Starting a New Project and Bringing in Your Media

BySam Kauffmann

This chapter focuses on the first stage in the editing process, and shows how to bring media into a new or existing project. Avid, working with major camera companies, created Avid Media Access (AMA). Avid installs important Plug-ins when one get the software, or Avid works directly with that camera, so chances are one can link to their camera card without getting a Plug-in. The Source Browser makes linking to media much easier than before. Avid spent a lot of time, money, and engineering power developing an industry standard compression/decompression (codec) system for high definition projects. What they came up with is called DNxHD. Avid has developed a codec called DNxHR, which will allow editors to work in these larger formats without overwhelming a network or post-production facility's storage capacity. The first box one see is Image Size Adjustment, and this is an important one, as it will determine how an image is sized when it comes into Media Composer.