chapter  9
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Double-System Sound Workflow

BySam Kauffmann

Many people shoot their first projects on a digital camera or smartphone that records the picture and the sound together. The camera team places the camera to capture the shot they want and the sound team places the microphone where they want. This division of labor insures that you get great sound as well as great images. Having two different devices capture the picture and sound is called double-system recording. Sound recording on a narrative film is really all about dialog recording. Actors often have wireless microphones hidden beneath their clothing, or a tiny microphone may be placed on a table or tucked behind a mirror, out of view of the camera. There can often be six or more microphones used to record the actors' dialog, especially if the actors move around a lot and there are lots of actors in the scene. The Assistant Camera person (AC) is tasked with the job of preparing the slate before filming.