chapter  7
Conclusion and Looking Forward . . . 7.1 Empowering Teachers as Collaborative Designers—
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Berger and Luckmann (1967/1993) explained the social construction of reality, that the construction is manifested so that it is hard to change. Within the age of social media, this concept has changed into a sociotechnically constructed reality. There is no objective reality, but the complexity of societies does construct its own reality as if it is an objective fact; it is manifested in complex and hidden social and sociotechnical mechanisms-hard to wish them away. Nevertheless, new forms of learning are evolving, and this has effects and implications for established teaching and learning forms. Is there a gap between the Homo Interneticus (Krotoski, 2010) and the Homo Didacticus? What kind of Digital Didactical Designs for teaching and learning are useful to support meaningful, significant powerful learning designs in higher education and in schools?