chapter  3
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Rehabilitating Peter

The Figure of Peter in the Gospel of Luke

According to Dietrich, Luke was not really interested in the biography of Peter. Luke is highly selective in his use of Matthews's additions to Mark's figure of Peter. Though the Gospels of Mark and Matthew had probably become known under these names in Luke's day such as the Papia's fragment shows Luke nevertheless refers to them anonymously and subsumed under his many predecessors. Matthew changes the order of Mark by pairing Peter with his brother Andrew, who is moved up from the fourth to the second place. The author argues that pericope was not totally omitted from Luke's Gospel. The readers also already know that Peter turns again, since it is anticipated in Jesus's words in Luke 22:32. Though Luke's account of Peter's denial is not as severe and serious as in Mark's Gospel, it seems, however, somewhat strange that Luke chose to include the account in his gospel.