chapter  7
ByElaine Riordan
Pages 12

This chapter summarises and draws conclusions, and discusses the pedagogical and practical implications arising from an analysis of the corpus-based analysis of face-to-face and online (blogs, chat, and discussion forums) discourse. This chapter outlines the nature of the discourse, using corpus-based discourse analysis, of online and face-to-face communication in a community of practice of student language teachers. This chapter also discusses the affordances that various online modes can offer, which we can use in language teacher education to suit our own and our student teachers’ needs. This chapter therefore offers information for teacher educators for course design based on the findings, and outlines the implications and future insights for language teacher education. In terms of corpus linguistics, the implications of drawing on corpus linguistics and discourse analysis to analyse the interactions are offered, focussing in particular on the analytical techniques used in this mixed-methods approach, as well as the practical issues relevant to analysing both spoken and computer-mediated data.