chapter  7
Media Servers and Digital Lighting
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A long time ago while attending a lighting convention, , sat in on a discussion of the newest innovations in automated lighting technology. At the end of the seminar, a well-respected lighting designer (LD) was asked what he thought was the Holy Grail of automated lighting. He said that in the next ten to 15 years all lights would be digital. He described a system where, instead of using mechanical functions and glass to change the output of a ¿xture, everything would be generated in a video-like format. These digital lighting ¿xtures would be more than just a video projector on a yoke, as they would contain speci¿c software to enable them to behave as lighting ¿xtures. Any image, any texture, any color could be projected with no limits. , was thrilled by this vision and hoped it would come true sooner than later.