chapter  10
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Sequence of tenses

An impersonal verb is an intransitive verb whose subject refers to nothing specific, but is simply the placeholder it. An impersonal intransitive verb has no direct object and its subject refers to nothing specific. Nevertheless, the placeholder it is still required. Some transitive verbs have impersonal passive counterparts which take a clause as their subject. Latin is richer in impersonal verbs than is English. It too uses impersonal verbs for expressing meteorological phenomena. Non-meteorological impersonal verbs can be classified according to the type of construction they take. The two verbs meaning to concern have their own unique mix of structures. Impersonal, as well as intransitive verbs more generally, may be placed in the passive. The meaning of such verbs is to emphasize the activity. This chapter also presents matching exercises with unedited Latin excerpts and rough English translations. A short reading relating to o the adventures of Hercules is also provided.