chapter  20
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Concessive clauses

A fearing construction involves a word expressing the notion of fear. Often what is feared is simply a noun, serving as a direct object of the verb. What is feared may also be in a prepositional phrase depending on a noun of fearing. However, a clause expressing a verbal action or state may also cause fear. Such a clause is a fearing clause. The verbs expressing fear in Latin are most commonly: metuo, metuere, metui-to fear timeo, timere, timui to fear vereor, vereri, veritus sum: to fear. It takes the subjunctive according to the sequence of tenses. The use of ut alone in a negative clause and ne in a positive one is certainly striking. This chapter also presents exercises with unedited Latin excerpts and rough English translations. A short reading relating to the adventures of Hercules is also provided. These readings give the course a strong sense of narrative cohesion, providing opportunities to develop comprehension and translation skills.