chapter  25
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Doubting clauses

Fore is an alternate for futurus esse to be going to be, the future active infinitive of sum, esse, fui, futurus. Since infinitives are a cornerstone of indirect statements, the best examples of fore come from such constructions. Fore and futurum esse additionally have two special functions when joined with the ut of a result clause. They serve as circumlocutions for: the future passive infinitive; the future active infinitive for verbs lacking a fourth principal part. The tense of the result clause depends on the tense of the verb in the main clause. When the main clause is non-past, the present subjunctive is used. When the main clause is past, the imperfect subjunctive is used. This chapter presents matching exercises with unedited Latin excerpts and rough English translations. A short reading relating to the adventures of Hercules is also provided. These readings give the course a strong sense of narrative cohesion, providing opportunities to develop comprehension and translation skills.