chapter  1
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Deponent verbs

Subordinate clauses are clauses which cannot stand alone as a full sentence. Three types of subordinate clauses have been covered: relative clause and ablative absolute clause. A whole litany of subordinate clause types are open, and include purpose clauses; indirect statement; indirect command; indirect question; result clause; and causal clause. A purpose clause is used to complete the idea of a verb from another clause. In English, purpose clauses are introduced by the conjunctions in order that or so that. When the subject of the main clause is the same as that of the purpose clause, the conjunctions may be dropped and a simple infinitive used in lieu of a purpose clause. This chapter presents matching exercises with unedited Latin excerpts and rough English translations. A short reading relating to the adventures of Hercules is also presented. These readings give the course a strong sense of narrative cohesion, providing opportunities to develop comprehension and translation skills.