chapter  7
Real geography – topical geography through issues and events
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The school and the locality also provide opportunities to study issues and events, and so this chapter enhances the ideas and examples in Chapters 5 and 6.

Children’s engagement with geographical issues and events

Children are interested in issues in their locality and the wider world: they listen to adults talk, see the news, read papers and have a range of questions to ask. Children’s lives are geographical (Catling, 2003; Martin, 2008) and so it is not surprising that their questions are also geographical:

• Where do flowers go in the winter? • What animals live in the wood? • Why is the park so messy today? • Why is traffic always worse on Tuesdays? • How long will it take for the new shopping centre to be built? • What’s the best country to live in? • Why do tsunamis happen? • Why is there fighting in some countries and not others?