chapter  1
Space, Place and Agency
Pages 19

This chapter provides the conceptual framework with which the topics of space and place can be approached in Peace and Conflict Studies. To do so, the chapter first provides a thorough re-reading and conceptualisation of key terms space, place and agency. Second, the chapter looks at the role of agency in space and how agency is placed, tying in with recent body of literature on agency, hybridity, friction and resistance in Peace and Conflict Studies. Almost all processes including war-making take place somewhere, in a specific local setting. The agentive subject is always situated in space and in place. Peace and peacebuilding are emplaced and constituted in part through location, material form and their imaginings. Space can be viewed as imaginary counterpart to place, referring to processes of meaning-making and the ideational component of locations. The ability of turning a place into a space denotes the process of making a physical place relevant and meaningful to societal and political discourses.