chapter  6
The future of the debate and possibilities for reform
Pages 16

This volume works from the premise that reform is about “altering [an institution] for the better.”1 Put simply, if the council is defective, reforms should repair defects. The proposed reforms, outlined in the two preceding chapters, possess their own particular logic and emerge from a particular set of interests. This chapter is more prescriptive in nature, and centers on the chapter’s key question: what reforms, not yet considered, might markedly enhance the agency of the council? The chapter will put forward a number of outside the box proposals. Since the early 90s, the UN has depended, for better or for worst, on peacekeeping and sanctions. With the council’s penchant for peacekeeping and sanctions unlikely to decline, this chapter argues that perhaps it might be necessary to recast the reform debate to ensure that both peacekeeping operations and sanctions committees are adequately addressed.