chapter  2
A Framework for Revitalising Leadership
BySuze Wilson, Stephen Cummings, Brad Jackson, Sarah Proctor-Thomson
Pages 33

The focus of this chapter is two-fold. In the first part, we discuss six major trends which are key features of the contemporary landscape. These trends inform our argument that we need to revitalise leadership and, substantively, provide the macro-level context for leadership practice today. Then, in the second part of the chapter, we lay out the conceptual framework that provides the approach we propose for revitalising leadership, that of contextualised theorising. It is this framework, we argue, which enables us to build leadership theorisations—models, if you prefer—attuned to the need of different contexts. The illustrative examples we develop in Chapters 3 to 7 will put this framework to use, illustrating its potential for guiding practice-in-context by formulating contextually specific theorisations of leadership.