chapter  VI
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The Development of the Child: Preventing the Inferiority Complex

The psychological and educational outlook of Individual Psychology is broad enough not to neglect the consideration of "influences from outside". The waves of outside influence stream into the psyches of the children and mould the children directly or indirectly, by influencing the parents and bringing them to a certain state of mind which is transferred to the children. Case histories often show the beginning of psychological troubles after such diseases as whooping cough, encephalitis, chorea, etc. As regards illness there is also to be noted that children's minds are often deeply impressed with the memory of the illnesses they have gone through. Parents should see to it that children are not too much impressed by their childhood sicknesses. The parents have a responsibility not only to provide an education in reading, but also to give the child a proper psychological basis of development so that he will not have to bear greater difficulties than others.