chapter  2
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Chapter Two

This chapter argues for a true alternative to the transformational theory of reflexivization. It develops an argument to choose between the transformational and the phrase structure theories. Jackendoff considers his approach to reflexivization an alternative to the transformational theory of reflexivization which he calls 'the standard generative grammar approach'. In fact, he claims that the difference between his approach and that of the transformational theory is 'fundamental'. A rule of interpretation associates reflexives with potential grammatical antecedents, where a potential grammatical antecedent is any noun phrase that can be the antecedent of some reflexive. The transformational copying procedure postulated as a source for bound pronouns allows one to relate the condition on the sentential ancestry of bound anaphoric pronouns and their antecedents to a more general condition formulated by Chomsky. Reflexivization operates on a pair of noun phrases substituting an appropriate reflexive for one and leaving the other, the antecedent, unchanged.