chapter  5
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Mixing repertoires

Commemoration in digital games and online worlds
ByMichael Arnold, Martin Gibbs, Tamara Kohn, James Meese, Bjorn Nansen

This chapter discusses the commemorative and memorial events in this one example connect people, publics, communities, artefacts, and institutions in complex and interesting ways, and these connections. It describes an assortment of memorials and commemorative practices found in a variety of digital games and we show how they draw on, appropriate, and refashion a range of material and cultural resources. The chapter explores some of the forms taken by the memorials constructed in digital games. Both developers and players draw upon an eclectic mix of cultural references and motifs to construct and perform these memorials and commemorations. The chapter aims to document and analyse the material and symbolic forms these innovative memorials and commemorative practices take. It considers the many ways the personhood of the deceased is, to some degree, prolonged, extended, and refashioned in the cultural and material entanglements that relationally constitute the game commemorations discussed.