chapter  10
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Events and misrule

This chapter develops a critical account of the idea that events may be spaces for misrule and transgression. It introduces theories of transgression and applies them to events. The chapter describes Bakhtin's idea of the carnivalesque through discussion of the meaning of liminality in modern events. It returns to Debord and examines how events might be seen as spaces for subversion and communicative forms of spectacle. Transgression can be an act of human agency, an act of human constraint, or both. For something to be transgressive there needs to be set of norms and values against which the transgression is judged. In British association football grounds, this disorder manifested itself in hooliganism within the confines of the sports events. Everybody wants to belong, and many of us are on that quest for the authentic experience of misrule that lies at heart of liminality. Turner introduced and popularized the idea of liminal space in his broader work on community and belonging.