chapter  12
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Events histories and narratives

This chapter explores the 'hidden history' of events: that is, events as oppression; events that solidify relationships of power/domination; and events as propaganda. It also explores theories from history and political studies that shed light on the forms and structures that hide the narrative purpose of cultural activities, such as events. The chapter uses specific events, such as food and drink festivals, to show how such histories and narratives are hidden by the normalization of the everyday and the mundane. It looks at how such hidden histories and narratives might be brought to light and played with by subversive, counter-hegemonic appropriations of such event spaces. National anthems remind their singers that their country and their rulers are blessed. Prayer-books and church services ask individuals to accept their inequality and their rulers' wealth as the will of God. Myths of victories are circulated through the public sphere and ossified in remembrance events and other formal ceremonies.