chapter  1
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Critical event studies

Theories and practices

This chapter considers the theories and practices relevant to understanding the context within which construal of event occurs. It describes the journey to establish the theory and practices associated with contextualizing event within critical event studies (CES) as an odyssey. Whereas Habermas places communicative relationships at the centre of the social world, Bourdieu sees the body and practices in the social world in which it engages. As such, Bourdieu's theory acts as counter to theories that suggest human behaviour and interaction are products of rational choices made by actors. Economic capital is used in sense that is consistent with much main-stream economic theory; it is that in which an investment is made in order to generate an income. In classical economics it was principally used to suggest the equipment a business would purchase in order to produce its goods or services. What has become clear is that the theories and practices required to progress a CES are complex and nuanced.