chapter  4
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Events and power

This chapter proceeds further with that discussion by reflecting on linkages between events and power. While reflection on power is relevant to events that are of interest in critical event studies (CES) research, it is through those events which attract global audiences and involve international participation that those connections can be most clearly discerned and discussed. Even in more recent attempts to define mega-events, such as that offered by Muller, economic impact and global media audience play dominant roles in definition. But scale is just one dimension through which events are classified. Events in general and mega-events in particular, are construed as things in themselves. Yes, they have impacts, but focus is on event itself. To use metaphor, such an approach is little like throwing a stone into a pool and seeing the ripples emanating from where it hit the surface. One can investigate the stone and say the ripples represent the impact it had when it hit the water.