chapter  4
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Students as core: a time for change in the higher education discourse of ‘widening participation’ and ‘inclusion’

The complex social and historical context of this country's development makes it a compelling space within which to study principles and practices of inclusive education, particularly post conflict. A dualistic system was thus put in place, with the Americo-Liberian settlers building separate and exclusive political, economic and social institutions. Korto describes the deleterious effects of the protracted conflict on all aspects of the Liberian education system. Consider the differences in defining inclusive practice in the context of Liberia's post-conflict society. Contrast how it have defined inclusive practice in Liberia's context to that of inclusive practice in England or other countries detailed in this chapter. A child soldier is defined as being under eighteen and may have had multiple roles, ranging from spy, cook and girls recruited for sexual services to key fighters. Gender parity is another significant issue of inclusion as girls still lag behind boys in enrolment, retention and completion at all levels.