chapter  6
Pages 13

This chapter presents a series of analysis of colloquial spoken language, to illustrate some of the variety of phonological features of British English. It also presents a general description of the phonetic features of the informant(s) including vowel diagrams, followed by the transcription of the recording of the informant(s). The extracts have been chosen to exemplify all the characteristic features of the speaker's accent occurring in the recording. The chapter discusses phonological process displayed by the informant(s). It shows the main similarities and differences between the six accents and indicate how these can be handled in terms of rules. The difference in the occurrence of length in part accounts for the rhythmic differences between the accents and may be a matter of variant realizations of the same underlying units. The different parts of the grammar involved in pinpointing differences in accent reflect to some extent the amount to which native speakers are consciously aware of them.