chapter  I
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The A Priori Deadlock

There is a deadlock at the priori level between accepting that selves like others and accepting that selves must differ in some ways from others. The argument from plurals and the uniqueness of first person are the background opponents in this deadlock. Suppose one accepts the thesis that the intelligible use of their personal vocabulary indicates the underriding presence of the concept of a person. Then their personal vocabulary ostensibly has the unity that is proof against scepticism. The attacking position claims that any attempt to formulate such a relation between an impersonal subject and a personal predicate would yield either circular or false claims or would still depend on hidden personal subject. The attacking position here would have it that only with a presumed type-distinct personal nominative is one's personal discourse coherent. Nor may one defend the position in the ways in which it has been defended recently, that their personal demonstratives are inextrudible in favour of impersonal ones.