chapter  IV
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Private Language

The author thinks about the plain that no arguments for an systematically private language (SPL) could gain even the slightest momentum without the appearance of the kind of distinction marked by first personal pronoun; the first person or something just like it is a necessary condition to purported statement of the possibility of an SPL. Self-reference with the first person is no more mysterious than other-reference though it does have the extra involution mentioned above; actually, self-reference or self-individuation already presupposes ordinary spatio-temporal reference or individuation. It seems to the author that all that need be said on this score can be said within the confines of whether actions, in one's case speech actions, are individuable by ordinarily and ultimately individuate spatio-temporal particulars. The grammatical way of making the point is to remind people that action is a rather high-level term whose particular cases are found in verb form or with a verb buried in them as with predicate adjectives.