chapter  1
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Body Ownership

Analyzing individual movement histories and tendencies for deeper self-knowledge
WithRobert Barton, Barbara Sellers-Young

Public interest in the body, health, diet and exercise is at an all-time high. Some people respond with genuine horror to the most accidental “space invasions” of their bubble, forgetting that it’s invisible. A warm-up is most effective if it starts with breath. A moderately tensed muscle relaxes more when let go than it would from a neutral state, and the immediate contrast can produce a pleasurable, easy feeling. The spinal column is a primary center for the body. Vertebrae can close off to shorten the spine, thereby blocking physical and emotional responsiveness. The muscles narrow and contract as they build, restricting flexibility, as in “muscle bound.” Stretching gives pliability, adding grace to strength, keeping muscles supple and the body flexible. The chapter also presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in this book.