chapter  2
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Healing Your Body

Understanding physical structure as a path for making mindful movement choices
WithRobert Barton, Barbara Sellers-Young

An activity that is being integrated by more and more people into their workout time is yoga. It is a physical discipline that integrates stretching and strengthening, through breath and physical positions that combine lengthening muscles with strengthening them. Muscle soreness can be the result of failure to warm up and cool down before and after strenuous exercise, poor mechanical use of the body, stress on the body related to life style or overuse of specific muscle groups. Typically soreness is the result of an accumulation of toxic waste in the muscle tissue. The center of gravity of an object is that imaginary point about which all parts exactly balance each other. Many think of the skeleton as a rigid framework on which all other body parts hang, like a building, a set of building blocks with the skin as walls.