chapter  4
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Evolving Movement

Developing psychophysical movement methods suited to all theatre forms
WithRobert Barton, Barbara Sellers-Young

The ultimate goal of increased physical awareness is being in the present moment, which provides the opportunity to note previous habits and transform them into new skills and competencies. Individual movement styles create a movement signature that is a combination of different efforts such as sustained and bound, for example, or sudden and direct. A strong movement causes a forceful exertion in a particular direction. This exertion can be in response to a single physical choice such as a strong gesture with any body part exerting itself against gravity. A light movement requires minimal force or tension and counter tension. Light interaction with outside force means limited resistance such as a slight touch, a gentle push, a delicate contact, with subtle and sensitive tension. Sudden is a fast movement of short duration and corresponding acceleration. Sustained is a slow movement of a longer duration and longer deceleration, during which have a sense of expanding into space.