chapter  4
Where Ambition Goes Awry
Pages 22

This chapter reviews several of the downsides to ambition in order to establish a responsible balance in the overall perspective on the quality. It also reviews the opinions of 31 executives interviewed about their perspectives on ambition. The chapter discusses some critical flaws in ambition. The study found that young people who had their ambition well aligned with their professional focus were more successful in finding employment and usually spent less time out in the job market. Workaholism is often a consequence of ambition. Yet, workaholism has a tendency to increase, consistently demanding more work focus and less relax and family time, thus resulting in psychosomatic symptoms, as mentioned earlier: strokes, heart attacks, nervous breakdowns and more, as well as alienation from loved ones. Because ambitious leaders want to secure progress, and do so in a swift and effective way, they may have a tendency to micro-manage their co-workers.