chapter  6
Where Acceptance Can Become a Problem
Pages 25

This chapter makes a clear distinction between, on the one hand, accepting drawbacks, learning from them and moving ahead, and, on the other, becoming apathetic and complacent about the status quo. In regards to accepting bad situations, it reviews aversion to change, lack of reflection, fear of consequences, high stakes in the current situation, insecurity about what awaits in a new situation and lack of focus. The chapter also reviews additional contexts in which acceptance should be considered with proper caution, such as acceptance as a hurdle toward progress, acceptance as avoidance strategy and acceptance as pacifier. Lethargy is described as lack of energy or enthusiasm. Lethargic behavior makes a person seem indifferent, lazy and apathetic. The chapter shows some reasons and the short examples given as illustrations may have yielded the insight that some reasons for accepting bad situations are better than others, but that all stem from typical human concern.