chapter  VIII
Other Central Health Authorities: A. The Home Office
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To understand the position of National Insurance against sickness, the circumstances and time of its initiation need to be remembered. Unemployment Insurance-Labour Exchanges were initiated in 1909, and a compulsory system of insurance against unemployment was adopted for a limited number of industries in Part II of the National Health Insurance Act, 1911. Sickness and Disablement-Insurance against sickness and disablement for wage-earners and other employees as defined in the National Health Insurance Act, 1924, was initiated by the Act of 1911, as was also Unemployment Insurance. Insurance against unemployment is a necessary implement in our social armamentarium, and like sickness insurance it is now in force for nearly one- third of the total population. The services of the Public health authority are available for cases of tuberculosis and of venereal disease where expert treatment is required; for some acute infectious diseases; and possibly for special cases of sickness during the pregnancy of an insured person.