chapter  2
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Getting Started: Introducing Social- Emotional Learning and Setting Up Your Classroom

Intentionality is key to creating an impactful classroom SEL program. The mindful set-up of the classroom environment is a critical piece in the program’s success, as it creates a safe environment in which learning takes place. When done well, the classroom culture is palpable; you can see it, hear it and feel it as soon as you enter the room. A Call to Action, such as Being In the Zone, Being the Solution, or Being Ready to Learn, becomes the lens through which students view their school experience. Here are five steps to lay the groundwork before you begin implementation with your students:

1. Build your own SEL competency and mastery, as a practitioner. Make time for reflection, self-care, and expanding your learning. Reflect on your needs as a classroom teacher. What are the times each day when the climate and culture of your classroom is compromised? What negatively impacts your Self-Efficacy and that of your students?