chapter  3
Historical background to the laws of inheritance as ‘twins’: matrilineal/Eros; patrilineal/Thanatos
Pages 24

This chapter is divided into two sections. First, it argues that Jungian debate has aligned itself into twin camps: scholarly and theoretical, clinical and empirical. Second, it illustrates a further fractionation through two clinical cases within the Jungian clinical setting which reveals an unconscious, intra-psychic, archetypal transference phenomenology as twins: the ego and the unconscious, animating from the laws of inheritance. It also shows how relational aspects between the ego and the unconscious constellate as overlapping first and second-born twins: First, both analysands were the third, only daughter and therefore, Eros identifications within their respective families. Working experientially with the unconscious as twins though dream work in a Jungian analysis illuminates the limitations involved in an academic, theoretical approach to the modern psyche. Through Jungian dream analysis, matrilineal traits widen, transform and redistribute patrilineal more justly. To accomplish this end, the twins as a direct and indirect phenomenology change places.