chapter  2
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—The Nature of Police Work

Some managers and authorities on management make the argument that “administration is administration,” meaning that running a bakery, a steel mill, a law rm, a baseball team, a school, a church, and a police department all involve the same knowledge, skills, and abilities.1 is point of view has considerable merit. e bakery manager, school principal, and police chief all have to engage in planning if their organizations are to successfully achieve their objectives over a long period of time. e superintendent of a steel mill and a police chief both have to carefully organize resources and activities to be eective. e general manager of a baseball team, managing partner of a law rm, and police chief all must give generous attention to stang in order to attract and retain the best possible personnel. e parish priest and the police chief both concern themselves with directing and controlling their employees, as well as inuencing others who look to them for guidance and comfort.