chapter  5
Balance of Payments
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The remaining part of the current account deficit has been financed by foreign loans and investments. The

Caamodity Exports By Branch

1955 1967 1975 1980

Total Exports (million $) 88 399 1.798 5.292


Citrus 36.7 17.8 9.8 4.4 Other Agricultural 2.3 3.7 5.6 6.1

Diamond 23.5 H.O 30.5 26.6 Other Industrial 37.5 45.4 54.1 62.9

Total 100.0 100.0 100.0 100.0

The geographic breakdown of commodity exports contains a striking feature: the increased share of the "other countries" category in the last decade. Part of this growth results from the inclusion in this category of goods not classified by country of destination (largely military equipment), but the same trend appears even when the unclassified group is excluded. The United States has been a major buyer of Israeli exports. Western Europe accounts for nearly half of all Israeli exports (the United Kingdom and West Germany being the major buyers).