chapter  5
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Why This, Here, Now?

The mindset to dramaturg is based on the idea that the most important question to ask is, "Why?" The work of the dramaturg is focused on strengthening the points of connection to time, place, and audience. This three-part question – why this, here now? – provides the foundation of the mindset to dramaturg and it is these topics that tie together the elements. This chapter examines each part as a separate question, while acknowledging they are intertwined and interdependent and it is their combination that creates a fundamental aspect of the mindset to dramaturg. All of the contributions and tasks the dramaturg performs with and for the production team and audience ultimately reflect the attentiveness to these vital parameters. The research and input the dramaturg offers is not generalized for productions of the play. The dramaturgical input can assist that process as well as the more philosophical or artistic considerations of play selection.